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P.O. Box 679, Koror, Palau 96940
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Applying for SSN

All employees working in the Republic of Palau must have a valid Palau Social Security number. Also, with the start of the new Healthcare Fund program, all dependents, including babies and young kids, are required to have valid Palau SSNs if the parents wish to enroll them under their accounts. (point to enrollment information)

Below are requirements for Palau and foreign citizens who would like to apply for a Palau SSN:

Palauan Citizens
Must complete an Application for SSN
Must provide an original birth certificate
Foreign Citizens
Must complete an Application for SSN
Must provide a valid passport AND a Working Permit or Provisional Visa
Foreign Citizens - "Not for Employment" SSN
The SS office issues "Not for Employment" SS numbers for foreign citizens who require a SSN but will not be working in Palau.
Must complete an Application for SSN
Must provide a valid passport AND a Dependent / Spouse / Resident / Student Permit
Note: Citizens of the US or FSM may apply for "Not for Employment" SSNs using a valid passport only.

Processing Time

If your SSN application is complete and all documents have been provided to the SS office, your SS card will be available after 24 hours.

Replacement and Duplicate SS Cards

If your SSN card is in poor condition, you may turn it in at the SS office and request for a replacement.

If you have lost or misplaced your SS card, you must show identification to the SS office in order to receive a new SS card. All replacement cards are $5.00 each.

Off-Island Applicants

If you are residing outside of Palau and would like to apply for a Palau Social Security number, for the processing of any Palau official documents, download the Application for Social Security Number. Complete the application and submit it along with all the required documents outlined above. All documents, including the application, must be notarized and sent to SS office at physical address (P. O. Box 679, Koror, PW 96940).

Once your Social Security Number has been processed, we will send it to your address indicated on the application. If you prefer to have it picked up by someone in Palau, please provide an authorization authorizing that person. We will require him or her to present their identification in order to receive your Social Security card.

Existing Debts

Any Employer or Owner with an existing or past business that owes Social Security contributions shall not be eligible for obtaining a Social Security Number of any new employees or Employer Identification Number for a new business without first executing a payment agreement and making payment on time for at least six (6) months, or remitting full payment of amount owed.

Applicable Fees

To view Fee Schedule table, click here.